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How to convert audio files to MP3 format using Cubase SX

MP3 was the first successful audio-compression format that provided acceptable quality at about one tenth the size of a WAV or AIF file. It employs lossy compression, which permanently discards data that it deems audibly indiscernible to human ears. Unlike Zip compression, which restores a file to its original uncompressed state, data that undergoes lossy compression is irretrievably lost. But the sound quality in the MP3 compression scheme is quite good, and the savings in disk space and download time have made it a hit with the Web crowd.

Picking the Sound Engineer for Your Demo Recording

You need to know whether a prospective studio provides an engineer. If so, find out how much experience the studio engineer has, and more importantly, how much experience he has with that particular recording equipment or facility. This can be a huge factor in how long it takes to complete your recording, and in the overall sound. The more experience the engineer has, the less time it will take to make your recording and get a final mix.

What an Artist Should Know About Record Deal?

One of the most important decisions a new act must make is whether to sign a recording contract. If you are lucky enough to be offered a deal with a major record label, you may think, “I’ve finally made it!” But have you? The answer depends on a number of factors.

What Makes a Good Demo?

Good quality demo” can have multiple meanings. Some people refer this way to high quality sound, exceptional engineering and perfect mix. Others mean a unique song that has a high potential of becoming a hit. Considering that most musicians record a demo with a purpose of getting a record deal, we must understand what record companies think of this matter.