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Termination Of a Record Deal

Unfortunately, you can’t just terminate your recording contract unless you have an extremely good legal reason, such as impossibility or performance or frustration of purpose.

If you are terminally ill or there’s some other circumstance that prevents you from fulfilling your contract, you should able to get out of it. Also, if there’s civil unrest, war, or some other natural disaster that prevents the contract from being enforced, you could possibly get out of it. However, the courts are very reluctant to let someone out of a signed agreement, especially if they were advised to have adequate representation before signing it.

How An Attorney Can Help you Get Signed?

If you submit your material to a major publisher or record label without them requesting you to do so, you’ll probably receive your material back with a huge stamp on it that says “RETURN UNSOLICITED.” The reasons for these companies not accepting material from unknown outside sources are many. I will discuss three of the main ones here.

Why Do Artists Need An Attorney?

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

—King Henry VI, Part II.

Even though this line by William Shakespeare may sound funny, many argue that he was not saying that we should actually kill all the lawyers.Rather, he meant that if there were no lawyers, there would be nobody to be the advocate for the common man.